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Write a program in python to input side of a square and calculate area of square

Program for Area Of Square. A square is a flat shape, in one plane, defined by four points at the four corners. A square has four sides all of equal length, and four corners, all right angles (90 degree angles). A square is a kind of rectangle.

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Introduction. C++ Program to Calculate Area of Square.I have used Dev-C++ IDE for debugging purpose. But you can use any C programming language compiler as per your compiler availability. The output of this program is same as the above example. Similar tutorials : Find area of a circle in python; Python 3 program to print inverted right angled triangle; Python program to print a. To calculate perimeter of a square in Python , you have to ask from user to enter the side length of square , then use the above formula and calculate the perimeter as shown in the program given below: print ( "Enter the Side Length of Square : " ) s = int ( input ()) p = 4*s print ( " \n Perimeter = ", p) The snapshot given below shows the.

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Note: Python enforces indentation as part of the syntax. Use two or four spaces to define each logical level. Align the beginning and end of statement blocks, and be consistent. Python calculation expression fields are enclosed with exclamation points (!!; When naming variables, note that Python is case sensitive, so value is not the same as Value.; After entering statements, click the Export.

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The integer numbers (e.g. 2, 4, 20) have type int, the ones with a fractional part (e.g. 5.0, 1.6) have type float.We will see more about numeric types later in the tutorial. Division (/) always returns a float.To do floor division and get an integer result (discarding any fractional result) you can use the // operator; to calculate the remainder you can use %:.

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Let's dissect the code line by line. On line # 1, there is an import statement which imports Python's tkinter module. It imports all the methods, classes, and attributes of tkinter module into the current workspace.; Then we defined a function named main() on line # 2.; Inside the function's body, on line # 4, we created an instance of tkinter's Tk class which is a root window and.

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